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2022 Sakura Science Plan (SSP) Program

By February 20, 2023No Comments

RESTEC, in collaboration with JAXA, has successfully completed the 2022 Sakura Science Plan (SSP) program. The SSP program is a capacity-building initiative provided by RESTEC to the ASEAN Food Security Information System (AFSIS) and funded by JST/MEXT. The program aims to train participants from ASEAN member countries on remote sensing (RS) applications in agriculture, including crop production and distribution, statistics, irrigation, policy planning, and smart agriculture.

This year’s program was conducted online from 18 October to 22 November 2022. The participants received comprehensive training on remote sensing technology and its application in agriculture. They also learned about satellite-derived agrometeorological information for agriculture with a focus on image interpretation. The program included practical discussions on the use of remote sensing in agriculture.

The participants were selected from a pool of applicants, and the program was designed to enhance their skills and knowledge on RS applications in agriculture. The SSP program is an excellent opportunity for individuals in the ASEAN region to learn about the latest technologies and techniques in agriculture. It enables them to contribute towards the growth and development of the agricultural sector in their respective countries.

RESTEC and JAXA are committed to continuing their support for the development of the agricultural sector in ASEAN countries through the SSP program. They aim to provide opportunities for more individuals to participate in the program and contribute towards the growth of the agricultural sector in the region.