Rice Growing Outlook Activity

The Rice Growing Outlook (RGO) activity provides capacity building to agricultural statisticians in ASEAN countries in collaboration with Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) projects. It contributes to food security by publishing monthly reports covering rice growing conditions and yield prospects, as well as implementing training to enhance the use of space technologies.

The RGOs provide information on rice-growing conditions, indicating whether there are good / poor levels of rice growth, the general trends,  and insights into weather damage using satellite-derived agrometeorological information provided by JASMIN.

RGOs also contribute to the Market Monitor published by the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) as a component of the GEOGLAM by providing monthly reports on the regional status of rice.

Earth observation satellites periodically provide meteorological information such as precipitation, surface temperature, and solar radiation, which are essential for crop growth. This information is especially important in Southeast Asia, where meteorological disasters such as floods and droughts that affect food security occur frequently. Agricultural statisticians identify abnormal weather that affects crop growth using JASMIN at an early stage, warn of the impact through the RGOs, and forecast final production.

Earth observation satellites provide objective evidence to enhance the reliability of RGO evaluations.

The RGO activity started in 2013 with four countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam) as ‘Phase 1’ and later expanded to Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar in ‘Phase 2’.

The collaboration between statisticians in national agricultural ministries, AFSIS, and JAXA has effectively integrated agricultural statisticians’ experience and expertise with space technology.

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Interpreting JASMIN Data in Rice Growing Outlooks

A guide has been compiled to help users that want to use satellite data for agricultural crop outlooks.

December 2021 (PDF Download: 2MB)

User Guidebook