6th April 2016

2015 Asia-RiCE Implementation Report

Download the report here.

4th December 2015

Asia-RiCE CEOS Plenary Side Meeting

An Asia-RiCE side meeting was held at the 2015 CEOS Plenary on the 4th of November to present progress on Asia-RiCE to the CEOS community.

Meeting materials and brief notes can be downloaded using the following links:

Brief Notes (PDF)

Presentations (.zip, 29.3 MB)

21st April 2015

2015 Asia-RiCE Team Meeting and Test Site in Agricultural Application Workshop, Council of Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan

Download a copy of the meeting summary here.

14th November 2014

Asia-RiCE Team Meeting and AFSIS Rice Growing Outlook Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2014

The links below can be used to download a copy of the presentations and photos from the meetings.

Asia-RiCE Team Meeting Presentations (.zip)

Rice Growing Outlook Workshop Presentations (.zip)

Photos (.zip)

6th February 2014

Asia-RiCE APRSAF 2013 Presentations

The link below can be used to download a copy of the presentations from the Asia-RiCE session at APRSAF 2013.

Presentations (.zip) (104MB)

20th January 2014

Asia-RiCE ACRS 2013 Presentations

The links below can be used to download copies of the presentations from the Asia-RiCE session at ACRS 2013.

ACRS Asia-RiCE Workshop Agenda: PDF

Title: Asia Rice Crop Monitoring (Asia-RiCE) Update and Next Steps
Presenter: Shin-ichi Sobue (RESTEC, Japan)

Title: SNPP Data Access for Agricultural Monitoring
Presenter: Christopher D. Elvidge (NOAA, USA)

Title: Rice Crop Monitoring in Indonesia
Presenters: Muhrizal Sarwani and Rizatus Shofiyati (ICALRD/MOA, Indonesia)

Title: Agriculture With Satellite Remote Sensing & Sensors
Presenter: Preesan Rakwatin (GISTDA, Thailand)

Title: Rice Crop Monitoring in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Using Radar Remote Sensing Data
Nguyen Lam-Dao (GIRS/HCMIRG/VAST, Vietnam)
Thuy Le-Toan (CESBIO/CNRS, France)
Phung Hoang-Phi (GIRS/HCMIRG/VAST, Vietnam)

Title: Asia-RiCE Workshop, Cambodia Update
Presenter: Pech Romnea (GDA, MAFF, Cambodia)

Title: EO Data for Rice Monitoring in Asia
Presenter: Thuy Le-Toan (CESBIO/CNRS, France)

Title: Space Application For Environment Overview
Presenter: Tomoyuki Nukui (JAXA/EORC, Japan)

Title: Assessment of Drought Impact on Rice Production
in Indonesia by Satellite Remote Sensing and
Dissemination with Web-GIS
Rizatus Shofiyati (ICALRD/MOA, Indonesia)
Wataru Takeuchi
Soni Darmawan
Parwati Sofan (LAPAN, Indonesia)

Title: Japan's Activities for Asia-RiCE and Japanese Earth Observation Satellites
Kei Oyoshi (JAXA, Japan)
Shin-ichi Sobue (RESTEC, Japan)

Title: Indian Satellites for Applications in Agriculture
Presenter: Jai Singh Parihar (ISRO, India)

Title: Land Development for Poverty Eradication
Presenter: Felcra Berhad