Earth Observation Technologies for Crop Monitoring Workshop

17-20 September 2018, Taichung City (Taiwan)

Participants from both JECAM and Asia-RiCE discussed the results of their application of Earth observations over their selected experiment sites, reporting research and application results using various time series satellite data acquired with the support of CEOS.

The meeting highlighted the benefits and the opportunities of the JECAM/Asia-RiCE network for conducting comprehensive studies using geographically distributed experiment sites. Diversity in approaches, field measurements and reporting protocols, as well as best practices in various cropping systems, were shared and discussed in this workshop.



Download the presentations here:

Rice Production Estimation in India

Promoting Rice Production using SAR and Space Based Technologies in Cambodia

Asia-RiCE Overview

Space Technology for Monitoring Health and Yield of Rice

Results from Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam

Rice Crop Monitoring in Vietnam using Radar Remote Sensing Data

Updates on GEORICE

Rice Field Survey Standardization Sampling Method II

Rice Field Surveys – Lessons Learned from GeoRice/Asia-Rice

Rice Growing Outlook Activity in AFSIS

Vietnam Rice Outlook Report

Vietnam Data Cube

Rice monitoring in Taiwan

Using satellite data for Land Cover Mapping and Agricultural Land Use Monitoring in Lower Mekong Basin

Data fusion for rice monitoring

GHG observation of rice fields

Prediction of crop yield variability using seasonal climate forecasts

Rice Monitoring Best Practices and the development of Essential Agricultural Variables

Rice Field survey standardization / sampling method

Formosat-5 Image Application in Agriculture

SAR lecture for agriculture

Demonstration I: SNAP toolbox

Demonstration II: Sen2Agri

Demonstration III: Vietnam Open Data Cube

Demonstration IV: INAHOR on ODC

Demonstration V: JASMIN for agromet

GEOGLAM Knowledge Management System

Summary of next steps and schedule for GEOGLAM/JECAM/AsiaRice